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DJI Ronin 2 Hire Packages

Our kits are available for wet and dry hire but we always recommend using one of our highly skilled technicians to get the best out of it.

DLP Remotes | Ronin 2 Hire

The DJI Ronin 2 requires as much knowledge and understanding as any other piece of equipment we work with. Built over years since its release our knowledge is industry leading and we will always provide you with comprehensive technical support on your production. 
Our DJI Ronin 2 kits are available for wet and dry hire. A long standing relationship with DJI systems means we can provide a wealth of expertise either on set as operators or a prep session with camera teams before they take our kits out on wet hire. Our Ronin 2 technicians knowledge and understanding is key to you getting the most out of the gimbal on set. Our customised set ups allow fast switching between tracking vehicles, cranes, dollies and handheld modes. As well as digital cinema cameras we can also accommodate 16mm and 35mm film cameras.

DLP Remotes | Ronin 2 Hire

Our Ronin 2 Hire packages come as a complete solution with a dedicated cart to work from. The kits consist of:
DJI Ronin 2 
DJI Master Wheels or Nodo Inertia Wheels
Adicam Custom Gimbal Cart with Dock and Mitchell Plate
Operator Monitor 
V Lock Battery Set
Mitchell to Ronin adapter
Vibration Isolator

DLP Remotes | Ronin 2 Hire
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